Dylan Ford

Game and Web Developer




HTML/PHP Web Development

Web Design

C++, Adobe Air, Javascript

Game Design

SQL database manipulation and integration with C++ and PHP

Narrative writing

Networking programming and architecture

Film directing/editing

About Me

Web Developer, Designer and Chipper Chap

Ever since I picked up that Nintendo 64 controller for the first time, I've been passionate about developing and designing games, so it isn't easy finding me in a position where I'm not willing to develop interactive experiences. I've always found web development to be a zen art for me, and something I've found quite naturally.

When I was 10 years old, I stepped away from designing board games to start programming mods for Half-life 2, and since then I have been striving for perfection in each line of code I write. I've been using C++ and ActionScript for years as my preferred languages, but have always been drawn to coding websites in my text editor of (not many people's) choice, VIM.

In my final years of High School, I achieved a Certificate III in Media in a traineeship at Valhalla Studios Bifrost, a Brisbane-based game development company, and loved every second of it. I went on from that to create a program with my current team partner, Joshua Dauth, and a programming friend, Rory Dungan, which we submitted to the SAP Young ICT Explorers competition, placing second.


This Website

Handwritten HTML and Javascript with some help


Random terrain generation algorithm which came 2nd in a state-wide competition

Canny Architecture Microsite

Foundational work on a front page for architecture company

An Orchestra for Foxglove

What was supposed to be a 30 second animation that got out of control

Random Number God

A roguelike where you play as the Random Number Generator